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2023-02-16 01:17:07 By : Mr. Jianfeng Cai

During the ongoing Parliament session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen wearing a blue jacket which was made by IndianOil from recycled PET bottles

Ahead of his reply to the motion of thanks on the President's address in the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, gave a style statement on sustainable fashion with his blue jacket, crafted by Indian Oil from recycled plastic bottles.  Silk Material Recycling Opening Machine

PM Modi

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Under its Green Initiative of Sustainable Garments, Indian Oil makes garments from recycled PET bottles. Company's flagship uniform brand for its employees, ‘Unbottled’, was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the India Energy Week on Monday.

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As a part of making environment friendly uniforms and its target to become carbon neutral by 2046, the company has vowed to recycle 10 crore PET bottles. The company also announced to recycle as much as 100 million discarded mineral water, cold drink and other PET bottles annually to make eco-friendly uniforms for staff, reported PTI.

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The company will recycle discarded plastic PET bottles to manufacture Uniforms for Retail Customer Attendants and LPG delivery personnel. Each set of the uniform made by the company for its employee will help in recycling around 28 PET bottles, claims the company.

How 'Unbottled' will help in recycling polyester?

Apart from recycling PET bottles into employees' uniforms, the company has planned to recycle polyester through its sustainable garments brand ‘Unbottled’. Under this initiative, the company will make uniforms for the customer attendants of other Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs), non-combat uniforms for Army, uniforms/dresses for Institutions and sales to retail customers.

Journey of PET bottle's transformation into a garment

For the utilisation of PET bottles and other plastic materials for making fabric, all the discarded bottles  are first washed, dired and crushed into small chips. The uniform shaped tiny plastic chips are then heated and passed through a spinneret to turn them into polyester staple fibre. This fibre made from waste plastic gets its fluffy, woolly texture in crimpin machine. Later, the polyester staple fibre is spun to produce yarn which is further knitted or woven into polyester fabric.

The integrated oil company has launched initiatives like sustainable clothing, solar cooker, etc to achieve the goal of environment protection by reducing carbon footprint.

The PET recycling will help the company in reducing import burden of fossil feedstock. PET recycling recquires around 59% less energy for production compared to virgin PET (made from fossil sources) and has around 79% lower carbon footprint.

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PM Modi

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