Best GPS trackers

2022-12-08 12:11:02 By : Ms. Lucy Wang

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A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is based on a technology that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a person, pet or vehicle. The best GPS trackers today are synced with smartphones and provide location and real-time alerts.

These devices are also programmed to send SOS signals, which are helpful in case of emergencies or while exploring new places. With the advancement in technology, some of the best GPS trackers also maintain the vehicle’s maintenance records. They can now also record vehicle average speed and help with roadside assistance. The GPS trackers come in a wide range in terms of sizes, shapes and prices. We have listed down the 10 best GPS trackers for you to choose from.

1. Onelap GO - Wireless GPS Tracker

The Onelap GO tracker can track anything that moves: bike, car, luggage anything. As this tracker comes in a magnetic case, you can either attach it to a metal surface or simply place it inside a moving object. With just a click of a button, you can activate live tracking, alerts, daily statistics and analytics. With a powerful battery that can last up to several days, this is among the best GPS trackers.

• Battery cell composition: Lithium Ion

2. J&P Technologies GPS Tracker

This prime micro tracker has a sensitive GPS chip that sends the accurate location of the vehicle. Recommended as one of the best GPS trackers, this device provides full-day driving history on the mobile app. This waterproof device can function in any environment. To make the machine more user-friendly, the software is built in more than 25 languages.

• Power source: Small Inbuilt battery + Vehicle battery

3. Muvit® A8 Mini GPS Tracker

This mini-sized magnetic device is one of the best GPS trackers, as it can be used for the safety of kids, elders, pets and vehicles. It comes not only with real-time tracking but also with a voice monitoring feature, which allows you to listen to surrounding sounds. Built with powerful magnets, this device is easy to attach and needs no additional installation.

• Item dimensions: 80 X 50 X 20mm

One of the best GPS trackers, this device has an option of accident alert where, in case of an accident, it auto-dials three contacts and shares the current location. With this device, you can also track your daily drive details like total distance travelled, maximum and average speed and fuel consumption. Also, whenever the engine is switched on, you will be notified. A smart tracker, this device doesn't consume battery when the vehicle is stationary or is in engine off mode.

As one of the first few Made-In-India GPS devices, this tracker comes with advanced tracking software and can be used in all types of vehicles. The highly sensitive GPS chip ensures real-time tracking. You can monitor the total distance travelled by the vehicle, the total run, stoppage, idle time and the maximum and average speed every day.

• Special features: Waterproof, API integration

• Power source: Small in-built battery and vehicle battery

This mini device is designed to track the safety of kids, elderly, pets, luggage and vehicles. The highly sensitive GPS chip and cloud server enable you to receive the accurate location even kilometres away. As one of the best GPS trackers, this device also has an inbuilt microphone, which allows you to listen to the surrounding voices. This device also has an amazing battery backup.

• Special features: Water resistance & dustproof

This easy-to-install device is among the best GPS trackers today. It supports keyless vehicles, electric vehicles and vehicles with keys. Once installed, you can track vehicles both from your smartphones or laptops. It also provides data history on a single screen. In case of tampering, it sends a calling alert. Tegnotech also allows you to track multiple devices from a single account.

• Power source: Emergency internal battery + Vehicle battery

8. NV NXT GEN GPS Tracker

The NV NXT GEN GPS Tracker can be used for any vehicle, a bike, car, bus or even a truck. Designed compactly, it is also easy to install and operate, making it one of the best GPS trackers. This device not only tracks real-time but also monitors and alerts the switching on of the engine. This Made-In-India product comes with a powerful chip and is compatible with all smartphones.

This GPS tracker is made with two powerful built-in magnets. With no installation required, these trackers can just be attached to the item to be tracked. Being small and ultra-light, it is easy to handle and is considered one of the best GPS trackers. This can be used for the safety of your kids, elders, pets and vehicles. Additionally, this tracker can also monitor sounds around the tracker.

• Product size: 100 X 100 X 100mm

This real-time vehicle tracking device is one of the best GPS trackers. It can be used for school buses, cargo trucks, boats etc. You can also monitor multiple vehicles on a single map. It can send the details to multiple users. It has the option of interfacing with smartphones as well as web applications. For tracking all vehicles on a single screen, it can also be projected on android TV.

• Data requirement: 300-500 MB data per month

• Working temperature: -20°C to +55°C

• Sensor: Device shake sensor, tracker SIM signal-strength sensor, location/GPS sensor

Three best features of the different product

Drivool 890 GPS tracker is recommended in terms of value for money as it is can be used for tracking multiple vehicles and comes at a reasonable price. It is known to have a location accuracy of 10 metres. As this device is integrated with a panic button and an overspeeding alert, it is highly recommended for school bus fleet tracking.

Tegnotech V5 GPS Tracker with its unique feature of alert calling is overall the best GPS tracker. In case of tampering or wire disconnection in vehicles, it sends a call alert. Additionally, geo-fences help set safe zones. This device also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. Apart from live GPS tracking, it also maintains 60 days of vehicle driving history.

How to find the perfect GPS trackers?​​​​​​​

While purchasing the best GPS tracker, check for the below-mentioned factors:

Battery life: Decide on your requirement for tracker battery life before shopping. However, better battery life also makes the tracker bigger.

Size: Decide depending on the place you want to attach and pick your size. You might need a mini tracker for your pet’s collar or a slightly bigger one for your car.

Operating software: As the best GPS trackers are synced with your smartphone, check whether the tracker supports Android or iOS before buying one.

Waterproof: If you plan you use your GPS tracker for your vehicle or your pet’s collar, consider investing in a waterproof tracker.

Price list of the best GPS trackers in India

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GPS tracking system consists of a GPS device and a GSM modem. The GPS chip monitors the location and transmits the information using a GSM modem.

Yes. The best GPS tracker determines the location by receiving and sending satellite signals. You might very rarely experience some interference for a short while, just like your cell phone signals.

No. You cannot track someone else’s vehicle without permission. As long as it is your own car, you can track it. 

A car GPS tracker is either plugged into the OBD-II port or can be freestanding, placed inside or under the vehicle.

If the area has spotty network coverage, then you might experience some challenges, as the GPS coverage will get affected. However, the device’s built-in memory stores the data when the GPS tracker is in areas with weak signals. As soon as the GPS tracker reaches an area with good coverage, it sends the data from its memory.