2500-2700MHz Omnidirectional Glass Fiber Antenna/LTE 4G Omnidirectional Antenna (GW-OFA2527-10d)

2300-2700MHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna/LTE 4G Omni-Directional Antenna(GW-OFA2327-10d) Feature:Exquisite appearanceGood impact resistance,waterproofing and anticorrosion abilityFull day workingOptimized dimensionHigh gain,low standing wave,strong anti-interference abilityApplication:LTE system Point-to-multipoint systemE

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2300-2700MHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna/LTE 4G Omni-Directional Antenna(GW-OFA2327-10d)


Exquisite appearance
Good impact resistance,waterproofing and anticorrosion ability
Full day working
Optimized dimension
High gain,low standing wave,strong anti-interference ability

LTE system 
Point-to-multipoint system

Electrical Specifications
Frequency range(MHz)2500~2700
Half-power beam width(°)H:360    V:10
Input Impedance(Ω)50
Maximum input power(W)100
Lightning protectionDC Ground
Input connector typeN Female or Requested
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (mm)Φ20*770
Antenna weight(kg)0.45
Operating temperature(°c)-40~60
Rated Wind Velocity(m/s)60
Radome colorGray
Mounting wayPole-holding
Mounting hardware(mm)c35-c50

Recommended Accessories:
1) Donor antenna: Log Periodic Antenna (9dBi,806-960/1710-2700MHz)
2) Service antenna: Omni Ceiling Antenna (3dBi,806-960/1710-2700MHz)
3) 5D-FB coaxial cable with connecter (Cable length optional)

Method of Installation:
The booster is fixed onto the wall through expansion bolts.
A.  Drill holes in the selected place and install expansion bolts.
B.  Align the holes with the expansion bolts, place flat washers, spring washers, and nuts in turn, and tighten the nuts to fasten the installing support.
C. Place the booster on and fasten it.
D. Connect cables and power cables to the booster respectively.
E. After installing the booster as described above, power on the booster to check the operation status.

A.  BTS Port: donor antenna cable is connected with Outdoor Port;
B.  MS Port: service whip antenna is connected with Indoor Port;
C.  DC IN connected with Power adaptor.

2500-2700MHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna/Lte 4G Omni-Directional Antenna (GW-OFA2527-10d)


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T/T, Western Union, Paypal, and Credit Card are available,
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QuantityLead timeDelivery to American/Middle East/Asia/Europe
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Q3. Can I customize frequencies?

Yes, we can customize 2G/3G/4G/5G/GSM/CDMA/DCS/AWS/PCS/WCDMA/LTE,etc.

Q4. What should I do if I don't know about frequency in my country?

Please feel free to us with your inquiry, we will find the frequency you need and address your problems. 

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2500-2700MHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna/Lte 4G Omni-Directional Antenna (GW-OFA2527-10d)

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2500-2700MHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna/Lte 4G Omni-Directional Antenna (GW-OFA2527-10d)


2500-2700MHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna/Lte 4G Omni-Directional Antenna (GW-OFA2527-10d)


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