Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna

DescriptionRouter wifi sim card 4g with external antennaItem no.1201Application Scenarios Home,Office,IoT,SecurityConcurrent Clients 50CPUMTK7620A+7612E Interface 1*GE Mbps WAN,3*GE Mbps LAN, 1*RJ11,1*Micro USB ButtonReset,WPS,Power Power Suppply DC 12V /1AFlash/Memory16MB/128MB SIM Card Micro SIMLEDPWR,WiFi,Internet,Interface,S

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DescriptionRouter wifi sim card 4g with external antenna
Item no.1201
Application Scenarios Home,Office,IoT,Security
Concurrent Clients 50
Interface 1*GE Mbps WAN,3*GE Mbps LAN, 1*RJ11,1*Micro USB
Power Suppply DC 12V /1A
SIM Card Micro SIM
LEDPWR,WiFi,Internet,Interface,Signal Strength LED
Dimensions 185*144*34mm
Antennas 2.4G+5.8G :2T2R
Antenna Gain5dBi
Radio Rate 2.4G: Up to 300Mbps
5.8G: Up to 900Mbps
IPV4/IPV6 Support
Wireless Security WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK,WPA/WPA2
Modulation DSSS:CCK@5.5/11Mbps,DQPSK@2Mbps, QPSK@12/18Mbps,BPSK@6/9Mbps
OFDM:64QAM@48/54Mbps,16QAM@24Mbps, DBPSK@1Mbps
Receiver Sensitivity11b:-91dBm(1Mbps),-88dBm(5Mbps), -85dBm(11Mbps)
11a/g:-89dBm(6Mbps), -80dBm(24Mbps), -76dBm(36Mbps), -71dBm(54Mbps)
11ac HT20:-83dBm(MCS00),-57dBm(MCS9)
11ac HT40:-79dBm(MCS0),  -57dBm(MCS9)
11ac HT80:-76dBm(MCS0),  -51dBm(MCS9)
4G ModuleLTE CAT4
Frequency Mexico:LTE FDD:B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B28/B66 ; GSM:B2/B5; WCDMA:B 1/2/5
Independent R&D:LTE:B2/4/5/7/26/12/13/17/28/66
2X2 MIMO:B2/4/5/7/12/17/26/28,WCDMA:B1/2/5
GSM 850MHz/1900MHz
GNSS GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou/Compass, Galileo, QZSS
Output Power Class 4 (33dBm±2dB) for GSM900
Class E2 (26dBm±3dB) for DCS1800 8-PSK
Class E2 (27dBm±3dB) for GSM900 8-PSK
Class 1 (30dBm±2dB) for DCS1800
Firewall IP Filtering
MAC Filtering
Port Filtering
Lock Card Binding SIM Card
Output PowerClass 3 (24dBm+2/-1dB) for CDMA BC0
Class 3 (24dBm+1/-3dB) for WCDMA bands
Class 2 (24dBm+1/-3dB) for TD-SCDMA bands
Class 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE-FDD bands
Class 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE-TDD bands
LTE Features Support 3GPP R8 non-CA Cat 4 FDD and TDD
Support 1.4MHz~20MHz RF Bandwidth
Downlink Support MIMO
LTE-FDD:Max downlink speed 150Mbps,uplink speed 50Mbps
LTE-TDD:Max downlink speed 130Mbps,uplink speed 35Mbps
Support QPSK,16-QAM and 64-QAM Modulation
DC-HSDPA:Max downlink speed 42Mbps
HSUPA:Max uplink speed 5.76Mbps
WCDMA:Max downlink speed 384Kbps,uplink speed 384Kbps
TD-SCDMA Features Support CCSA Release 3 TD-SCDMA
Max downlink speed 4.2Mbps,uplink speedq 2.2Mbps
Output Power Support 3GPP2 CDMA2000 1x Advanced and 1xEV-DO Rev.A
EVDO:Max downlink speed 3.1Mbps,uplink speed 1.8Mbps
1x Advanced:Max downlink speed 307.2Kbps,uplink speed 307.2Kbps
SMS Inbox,Outbox,Draftbox
Dispaly the number of read/unread SMS
Call Setting CS/VOLTE/VOIP,FSK/DTMF,Emergency Call
MaintenanceTR069,Upgrade online
Mode4G wireless router
WiFi Setting Wireless Setting,Channel bandwidth Setting,WPS
Status CPU Status,Interface Status,4G Status
Client List
Internet Status
Traffic assistantStatistics and display the usage of traffic in 4G mode
SysUsername Managerment
Sys time & date
Sys logs
Setting Guide Type of connect Internet
Operating Environment Operating Temperature:Normal:0°C to +45°C;
Operating Humidity:-20° C to +70° C
Operating Humidity:5%~ 95%
Storage Humidity:5%~ 95%
DimensionDevice: 185/144/34mm;
 Pack Box: 281/278/51mm;
PackageDevice*1, Adapter*1, User manual*1, Antenna*4pc, Ethernet cable*1pc;

Frequently Asked Questions
1. After the 4G card is plugged in, the 4G light of the 4G routing is not lit, which causes the Internet to be unavailable? 
    A: In one case, the 4G card is not inserted properly. You should cut off the power of  the 4G routing and re-insert the card. In another case, the 4G card is not activated, and the card insert shall be used after activation according to the card manual.
2. 4G wireless router works normally, the 4G light is on, and the mobile phone is connected to 4G routing Wi-Fi but cannot access the Internet? 
    A: (1) Enter the routing setting page (the default is, the username and password are both admin), check the status---whether the WAN port obtains the IP address. If it is not obtained, it is recommended to reset the 4G wireless router reset. 
Identify the Internet through the APN setting, insert the 4G card into the mobile phone, view the APN information on the mobile phone, and enter the 4G routing setting page---network setting---APN setting to fill the APN information of the mobile phone to 4G Routed APN settings.
3. 4G wireless router WAN port address is normal, 4G lights are normal, mobile phones cannot connect to           Wi-Fi? 
    A:Each 4G card has a data plan. In this case, please check your data plan and recharge in time.
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna
Router WiFi SIM Card 4G with External Antenna


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